Giuliano S 561

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  • Emergency safety button on control console and generator, for stopping all functions

  • Rim center hole clamping range 80 - 700mm diam.

  • Clamping chuck minimum height from groung 330mm (according to van's floor height)

  • Available in version without generator and compressor (optional)

See generator and compressor specs here below



  • Power     10.6kW

  • Supply     Diesel

  • Cooling    H2O



  • Capacity     100 lt

  • Air delivery  650 lt/min

  • Voltage       230V 1ph/400V 3ph


Also equipped with 2 air feeding plugs and hoses, complete with coilers mt. 10, plus one extra electric plug for connecting 220V-1ph outlet




Tyre Changer 13" - 27" for mobile tyre service of truck, bus and road transportation vehicle tyres.

Fits in most popular commercial vans.

Tyre Changer suitable for truck wheels with 13" - 27" rim (max wheel diam,1600mm/63", max wheel width 870mm/34")

Equipped with single speed hydraulic clamping chuck and movable control unit, for safe and convenient operation.  

Suitable for tubeless tyres only.



  • Hydraulic movement of clamping chuck holding arm (up-down)

  • Hydraulic travel movement of operating arm carriage (left-right)

  • Operating arm manual tilting and travelling on carriage

  • Wheel clamping by fully hydraulic operated jaws

  • Machine installation from the side or back door of the van

  • Clamping chuck holding arm tilts outside the ven-door and folds back inside the van after use

  • All motions controlled by joysticks and pedal box